What's this whole thing about?

I was reading a Wikipedia article about the Hippocratic Oath one day, and having read both the original version and the modern adaptations, I wanted to write something for programmers based on it. The translation of the original sounded so epic, so I based the text of the programmer’s oath on that version.

There was also an article floating around about a year ago about the need for something like the Hippocratic oath for programmers, and I enjoyed reading the discussion about it on HackerNews - that was also the motivator to come up with something of my own.

Am I free to use this text?

The license I choose for the text is CC BY 4.0, so you can do whatever you wish with the text, as long as you give the credit and indicate if you made any changes.

What’s with the merch and donations?

I designed (that’s an overstatement) some merch on Teespring with the excerpts from the programmer’s oath, so you can grab something from there if you find it cool. Teespring works in a way where the creator of merch can earn some money from the sold items. I also left the donation link here and in the footer to my Buy Me A Coffee page. I will put all the proceeds towards organizing a recurring meetup in Stuttgart, Germany, focusing on free software and spreading the word about it.

You're cool, let's have a drink! Is that possible?

Sure it is, virtual or in person if you’re willing to visit Stuttgart, Germany. You can find my personal webpage and social links in the footer. I’d love to hear from you! No trolls, please.